Ashley Tesoro is a Christian and country music singer. In 2007 she released her self-titled country music debut through Tesoro Records. In 2010 she released a Country-Gospel album titled "Oh You Angel." In 2012 she released a Gospel Hymns album titled "Simply Worship." All of her EP's were produced by Grammy nominated and multi-platinum record producer Ron Aniello, and were met with rave reviews.

In addition to being a talented and accomplished singer, Ashley is also a former Hollywood actress. During her acting career, which spanned over fourteen years, she became known throughout the world due to her starring roles on NBC's "Saved By the Bell: The New Class", and CBS's "The Bold and the Beautiful." During a six year period she portrayed the characters of Liz Miller on "Saved By the Bell: The New Class" and Kimberly Fairchild on "The Bold and the Beautiful." These characters brought both national and international attention to her acting talent and ability, as well as her beauty and grace. She also starred in eight films during her career.

While on "The Bold and the Beautiful" CBS and Bell-Phillip Productions noticed that in addition to being a talented actress, Ashley was a talented singer as well. This lead to her singing several original Pop songs for the show, as well as performing in full length music videos that aired on the show and around the world. One of these original songs was premiered on KIIS FM while Ashley was being interviewed on air about her music.

After exiting Hollywood, Ashley returned to her singing roots which include country and Christian/Gospel music. She was born in Iowa and raised in a rural part of California called Escondido. She grew up riding horses and listening to country artists such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Reba, and Martina McBride. She also grew up singing in the Church and believes that her new Country-Gospel music sound is the perfect blend of everything that she is and represents. It blends the country music sound with inspirational and Gospel lyrics.

In 2012 Ashley started "Life Is For Living TV" with her husband Anthony; a Christian lifestyle and ministry internet show that they host and produce together through their production company Tesoro Entertainment.


Ashley Lyn Cafagna was born in Davenport, Iowa on February 15th. She was the first born of three children. Shortly after her birth, Ashley's family re-located to San Diego, California. As Ashley grew older she began to take an interest in the Performing Arts. She enjoyed singing, acting, and dancing. At the age of six Ashley won several local beauty pageants and was later crowned "Little Miss California."

Ashley then began to take an interest in acting and became involved in a local theater company called Christian Youth Theater. She was cast in several plays and was able to exercise her gifting as a performer. After acting in many theater productions, Ashley was eager to become a professional actress.

She entered a local talent contest in San Diego, California at the age of ten with high hopes. After a long process of acting, modeling, and interviews, Ashley ended up first place out of three hundred hopefuls. Shortly after winning the talent contest, Ashley was placed with an acting agent and manager and began to commute from San Diego to Los Angeles for auditions.

Ashley was cast in her first acting role in an L.A. Gear Shoe commercial. Shortly following, she did several other commercials such as; Honey Comb cereal and Golden Graham cereal commercials. She then went on to star in several films that were released on video. At the age of twelve she was cast in a Disney pilot called, "It Ain't Easy." She was hopeful that the Disney pilot would get picked up from the network as a regular occurring television show. To her disappointment, it did not become a series. Ashley kept believing and was determined not to let that stop her.

A few years later she was cast in a starring role on NBC's "Saved By The Bell: The New Class." She played swim team captain Liz Miller for three seasons. While on "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" she also made a guest starring appearance on the WB's "7th Heaven." Shortly after her role on "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" she was asked to play a leading role on CBS's "The Bold and the Beautiful." She accepted the offer and played the role of Kimberly Fairchild for three years.

While Ashley was on "The Bold and the Beautiful" she appeared on other television shows such as CBS's Morning News Show, and was a presenter at several high profile award shows. These award shows included; The Soap Opera Digest Awards, The Daytime Emmy Awards in New York, and the Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards. In addition, Ashley was nominated for two Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards for her role in "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" and for her role in "The Bold and the Beautiful." She won an Australian Soap Opera Award and was named "Best New Comer on a Daytime Television Show." Ashley was also named one of the "Fifty Most Beautiful People" on daytime television by "Soap Opera Digest Magazine" and "Soap Opera Weekly Magazine."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" was named one of the "Most Watched Television Shows in the World", seen in over ninety six countries by more than five hundred million viewers. Due to the show's world wide notoriety, the cast and crew took a trip to Venice Italy to film episodes of the show and to be a part of fan fair events. While in Venice, Ashley also traveled to Rome and Milan where she modeled for an Italian wedding dress company, Radiosa Gowns.

While on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Ashley also had the opportunity to showcase her singing talent. The executive producer of the show incorporated her music into the character she portrayed. She performed two original songs, "Evermore" and "Thank You." Ashley was interviewed on the Los Angeles radio station KIIS FM and CBS's Morning News Show about her music endeavors.

Ashley exited "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2001. Shortly after exiting "The Bold and the Beautiful" Ashley was cast in a starring role in Universal Picture's "The Skulls II."

On September 30, 2001 she married businessman and Christian minister Anthony J. Tesoro. Shortly after their wedding, they traveled to Tokyo Japan where Ashley was a guest host for E! Entertainment Television.

In 2002 Ashley received her Christian ordination and became the Vice-President of the Tesoro Ministry Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded by her husband. Together they travel the globe; giving to those in need, sharing their Christian faith, and helping to "change the world one person at a time."

Ashley and her husband also have a production company, Tesoro Entertainment; and a record label, Tesoro Records. In 2007 Ashley released her country music debut; "Ashley Tesoro EP." In 2010 she released a Country-Gospel album titled "Oh You Angel EP." In 2012 she released a Gospel Hymns album titled "Simply Worship EP." Additionally, in 2012 Ashley started "Life Is For Living TV" with her husband Anthony; a Christian lifestyle and ministry internet show that they host and produce together through Tesoro Entertainment.

In 2009 Ashley received a college degree in Psychology. In 2013 she earned her Communications degree and graduated with honors. Ashley is also the mother to two beautiful children; Gabriella Lyn and Anthony John. Ashley is very grateful to all of her fans and hopes to touch audiences around the world for many years to come.

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